Tracing Shapes DIY Book

2017-24-3--15-13-31I’m so excited to share this easy little DIY book with you!

This book costs less than $4 to make, and will help your child learn their shapes.  There’s room for tracing the color of the shape, the shape itself, and the name of each shape.  The photo album was purchased at the dollar store, and works as an awesome dry erase board.  So they can practice this again and again!



-Shape Flashcards (Target Dollar Section)

-Photo Album (Dollar Tree)



-Permanent Marker

-Dry Erase Marker (Dollar Tree)


This photo album has a cover, which is great for keeping the book in good shape.  For the shapes in this book I will be placing the cards vertically, but depending on the flashcards you use, you could use it horizontally.

We’ll start with the red octagon.  The first thing you’ll do is write the color at the top of the flashcard in dots (for tracing purposes), and then the name of the shape at the bottom with a permanent marker.  Then, put dots on each point of the octagon, so that your child can easily trace the shape.  Once it has dried, place the flashcard in the photo album as shown above.

The next step is securing the flashcard.  I do this because having an opening at the top makes it much more difficult to erase without tearing the plastic.  For this, I cut a piece of clear packing tape that fits the length of the photo pocket.  Then, I place the tape at the top (where the opening is), and fold it over smoothing it out with my fingers.  This will keep the flashcards in place and the plastic from ripping.  If you ever want to change the flashcards, you can always remove the tape.

Isn’t that fun?  Now your child will be able to work independently on shape recognition, and your time and money will still be aplenty.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this activity, and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Sarah Lohse says:

    Very awesome! This will be our project tomorrow!

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