Pom Poms

2017-30-1-07-36-52I get asked all the time, what are some ways to keep my toddler busy?

My answer?


They are the cheapest and most underrated toy of all time.  Both of my kids love them, and will spend hours just manipulating them with their fingers.  Below I’m sharing just 4 ways to use pom poms with your toddler for hours and hours of cheap and easy fun!


For this one all you need is a tray, pom poms, tongs (dollar store), and possibly a container (I used the old puffs containers to store the pom poms, and my kids love putting them in there and then dumping them out).  Let your kid figure out how to use the tongs to pick up the poms.

Serving Tray/Sorting colors

Everything you see here was purchased at the dollar store.

What you need is a serving tray, pom poms, foam sheets, and a pair of tongs.  Cut the foam sheets to fit the tray, and place them inside.  Then, store the pom poms in the middle and let your toddler sort.

Sorting Colors/Muffin Tin

This one is pretty similar to the previous, but still loads of fun.  You’ll need a muffin tin, paper (cut into circles to fit the inside of each hole), pom poms, and tongs.  Let you toddler put the circles into the muffin holes, and then match up the pom poms with the tongs.

Egg Carton


You’ll want to save an egg carton for this activity.  Our kids go through eggs like crazy, so we buy the 2 1/2 dozen carton every other week.  Toddlers can just go to town putting the pom poms in each hole.  If you have a preschooler as well, they can practice making patterns.  My 4-year-old is learning about a-b-c patterns, and so we picked out three colors and she made a pattern with the pom poms.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this activity, and thanks for stopping by!

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