Rise and Shine, Monday



I know, I know, Fall is no longer upon us…so what’s with the pumpkin?

Well, we loved pumpkin pancakes before they were cool.  True story.


I’ve tried making them from scratch before, and never could seem to get the recipe right.  Plus, I don’t know if anyone ever told you, but making pancakes from scratch is like 20+ dishes without the jazz.  So we decided to a pre-made mixture.


It was my mother who enlightened me into the world of Trader Joe’s.  I only wish there was one closer to our house (my wallet just rolled his eyes).


Anyway, Trader Joe’s has this amazing pumpkin pancake mix that is everything you’re looking for.  Perfect consistency.  It’s got the crispy factor, as well as a great balance of sweetness.  Doesn’t that sound like something Guy Fieri would say?



This is how Ella feels when she wakes up.  Annoyingly cute, right?  Especially on a Monday at 6:45am.  “MAMA!” Oh gosh.  “MAMA I HAVE TO GO POTTY!!” Just go, seriously child.  Do you need a written invitation?

I remember when she was a baby, just sleeping in the basinet next to our bed.  Every noise she’d make would freak me out!!  Oh, but the sweet little newborn sighs and grunts were the best.

A month went by and she was sleeping in her own room.  It felt glorious to get sleep, but I missed her.  After early morning feedings, sometimes I’d just leave her in our bed.  Then I got to wake up to a sweet little face looking at me and smiling.

Then Ella learned how to stand up in her crib.  Daddy would greet her as she shook the rails and laughed and danced.  We would snuggle in my bed, but mostly she would play with my hair.

A year went by, and she was in her own big girl bed.  I’d hear Ella singing at the top of her lungs, “LOOK AT THIS STUFF. ISN’T IT NEAT?”  Every morning.  It was the cutest thing.  She would wait for me to come get her.

Oh, those days are long gone.  What a full and joyful season this was, being a mom of littles.  Now I feel as though we are heading into the next chapter of our lives.  And while I miss those sweet moments, I am excited for what’s ahead.  So grateful that I get to spend every Monday morning with my sweet little people.



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