The Season of Mess

Tea For Two

We decided to do a little tea party yesterday. And by we, I mean Ella.  She’s been begging me for weeks and I just kept saying no.  So it went on the agenda and we did it!


Usually our tea parties are very exclusive, but this time we included the crazy two-year-old who spent most of the time doing what little brothers do best.


This spread was brought to you by, mommy hasn’t gone to the grocery store in a while.  I’m sure you know nothing of this, right?  Of course every stay-at-home-mom has a constantly full pantry, prepped meals in the fridge/freezer, and all the time in the world to cook/bake all the things on Pinterest.  If you get the sarcasm here, I believe we can be friends.  What’s funny is that they eat more of this kind of food (the way it is currently presented), then when I offer other options.  Silly children.  Also, if I present the crusts of bread as a special treat later on…they eat them.  It’s insane.


They laughed, they fought, and fought, and fought, and bothered each other…basically a repeat of the everyday sibling routine.  But later that night, my daughter came up to me and told me that she loved our tea party.

It’s hard to remember to make room for these moments.  The small and messy things usually get forgotten in this house, but I’m trying to make some more room in our lives for quality time.  So, the control freak inside of me is going to have to chill for a bit, because this is the season for mess.

What season of life are you in now?  And how are you embracing your season?




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  1. Rebekah says:

    Adorable tea party, I love it!

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