Goal Planning 2017

21_markedHey y’all!  Just a quick post here to show how I am going to be setting my goals this year.


I use three separate planners, but bare with me because you’ll see why each of them are effective.

#1: 2017 Powersheets by Lara Casey


After hearing some amazing things about this planner, I decided to get it this year.  It sounded crazy because I’m a stay-at-home-mom with no outside job.  But this isn’t about being successful at work, it’s all about cultivating the things that matter to you.  This is an intentional goal planner, and it helps you create your own goals, and meet them.



Powersheets facilitate your intentions for the year.  You get to take an inventory of your life; where it is and where you would like it to go.

 9_markedAfter setting your goals, the next portion supports an action plan for each one.  Next, there are tabs for each month, with a section for reflection in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  What I love about this planner is that there is room for mess, and change.  Lara provides opportunities to change goals, and I think that’s essential to realistic goal planning.


# 2: Simplified Planner by Emily Ley


This is my second year with this planner, and I will never go back!  Emily offers two different editions, the daily and weekly.  I chose the daily edition because I need the option to plan out each hour due to my chaotic life with two toddlers.


Each page is used for hourly planning, to do list, meal plan, and notes for the day.


Each month has it’s own section.  What I do at the end of every month is write down appointments, commitments, or anything else going on that month.  I make notes on the left hand side of things I’d like to get done that month, or things that are pending and not yet in motion in my schedule.

Overall, I love this planner!  I highly recommend you get one too!

#3: Dollar Section Planner at Target


Really, a third one Janell?  Yep, and here’s why:


I have specific blogging goals that I want to meet this year, and this cheap planner helps me get there.  When my kids take a nap, I open it up and see what’s on the agenda for that day.


There’s not a lot of room, but that’s good!  That means that I have to keep it simple.


So there you have it!  I hope this helps you narrow down a planner for this year to make 2017 the best year yet!


*I did not receive compensation for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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