Bridal Series: Hair Adornments


Welcome to the last post of this series on bridal updos and getting ready for the big day.  From April through June, I have be sharing various updos, tips on make-up, the do’s and don’ts of wedding hair, veil placing, and bridesmaid updos.  If you missed the previous posts, don’t worry, I’ve included them with their links below:

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Wearing a veil is a classic choice, and you have many options.  You can decide the length of your veil and where you would like it placed on your head.


  • Cathedral (108 inches)
  • Chapel (90 inches)
  • Ankle (70 inches)
  • Waltz (54 inches)
  • Fingertip (45 inches)
  • Hip (36 inches)
  • Mid-hip (33 inches)
  • Waist (30 inches)
  • Elbow (25 inches)
  • Shoulder (22 inches)
  • Birdcage

The veil should be placed in close proximity to your updo, either above or below.  If you want your updo to be seen during the ceremony, wear the veil below the updo.  If you would like the veil to been the focal point for the ceremony, wear the veil above the updo.  Either of these options look great, but depend on your preference.

The longer veils work the best with dresses that have trains that same length, or a minimum of 20 inches beyond the train of the dress.

Keep in mind that where you place your veil will determine the length.  For example, if you decide to wear your hair in a high updo that sits at the crown of your head, it will be a different length than if you were to wear your hair in a low updo.  Also, if you wear your veil above your updo, it will be a different length than if you were to wear your veil below your updo.

Hair Accessories


  • Tiaras
  • Lace
  • Crystal
  • Floral
  • Goddess
  • Headwrap

The accessories you incorporate into your hairstyle will be dependent on the style of your dress and the formality.  For example, you shouldn’t wear a tiara when you are wearing a goddess wedding gown.  Also, wearing a lace headband when wearing a lace wedding gown might be overwhelming with the texture that lace gives off.  If you are wearing a lace wedding gown, you would be better off wearing a head band that was made of Crystals, Flowers, or a non-textured fabric.


  • Combs
  • Hair Pins

Clips can be used by themselves or they can be used next to or above the veil.


  • Wreath
  • Headbands
  • Combs
  • Hair Pins
  • Clip

Flowers are very trendy this wedding season.  From baby’s breath to roses, flowers are an excellent way to dress up any updo for your wedding.  You can incorporate them into your updo by placing them in between the layers of the braid, or in between the twists or curls of your updo.  Or, you could place a large flower above your updo.  There are also floral headbands that look the best paired with a lower updo.  Floral wreaths also look best paired with lower updos.  If you would like to combine a wreath with a veil, you have two options.  The first one is to wear the crown above the veil, so that the veil covers the back and front, with the crown placed on top of it.  This requires a specific veil that doesn’t have a comb for an attachment.  The second option is attaching the veil to the back of the crown.  If the veil has a comb attachment, insert the comb into the wreath.


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