Transportation: Cars Week 2


Welcome to a new series about Transportation on Mustard Seed Family.  From April-June I will be sharing a variety of activities for your toddler/preschooler.  This series includes art projects, sensory play, outside activities, and field trips.

Today I’ll be sharing a fun outside activity that teaches them the rules of the road.

Following the Rules of the Road


  • Driveway
  • Car (We used our little tikes car, but you could build a car out of a cardboard box)
  • Chalk (white, red, green, yellow, blue)
[What to Draw]
  • Round-about
  • Stop Signs
  • Yield Signs
  • Parking Lots
  • Stop Lights
  • Two lanes with a dotted yellow line and a solid yellow line


Draw a circle with the green chalk to make the middle of the round-about.  Then draw another circle around the green circle leaving four spaces open for the roads with white chalk.  With the yellow chalk, draw a triangle and write the word “Yield” on it.  There should be a yield sign by each open space.

Show your child how to use the round-about.  They must yield (slow down and look both ways), then enter the round-about and turn right at whichever road they choose.


Draw an intersection (three-way or a four-way).  Then, draw a stop sign for each way.

Show your child how to stop at the stop sign.  The must stop before the stop sign, look both ways, and then they can go.


Our parking lot had four spaces.  You could have as many as you would like.  We had two regular spaces using the yellow chalk to separate the parking spots.  Then we had a police parking space, and a hospital patient parking space.  Use the yellow chalk to draw diagonal lines for the police only spot, and use the blue chalk to write “Police Parking Only” or something of that nature.  Then take the blue chalk and draw a handicapped sign.

Show your child that they have to park in between the two lines.  If you would like, you could give them a “hospital parking” sticker to put on the front of their car.  This will teach them that they can only park in certain spots with permission.  Explain that when they back out of their spot they must look behind them to make sure no other cars are coming.


 Draw a two-way road with white chalk (this road will have to fit one car on each side so plan accordingly).  Then, use the yellow chalk to draw a solid yellow line down the middle and/or a dotted yellow line down the middle.  You can add arrows to show your child which side of the road they are supposed to drive on.  For the stoplights, just draw a rectangle with a red, yellow, and green circle inside.  We put ours right next to the two-way.

Show your child which direction they should drive on the two-way road.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this activity, and thanks for stopping by!

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