Transportation: Cars Week 1


Welcome to a new series about Transportation on Mustard Seed Family.  From April-June I will be sharing a variety of activities for your toddler/preschooler.  This series includes art projects, sensory play, outside activities, and field trips.

Today I’ll be sharing a free template for creating your own road with felt.

DIY Roads


  • 5 pieces of black felt
  • 1 piece of yellow felt
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Cut out the straight (10) and curved (4) pieces out of the black felt.  Then, cut the squares out of black felt (these will be the intersections).  Next, cut the yellow lines out of the yellow felt.

The next step has two options which depends on your preference.  You could either sew the yellow lines to the black felt, or you could glue them one with fabric glue.  I chose to sew them on because I wanted them to be secure.  Regardless of how you attach the two pieces together, you’ll want to place the yellow felt in the middle of each stretch of road.

If sewing, you can use them right away!  If you glued them on, follow the drying instructions from the glue that you used.  Once they are completely dry, they are ready for your child to use.


If your child will be playing with these on a hard surface, you might want to use some hot glue to the corners of each piece of road.  The hot glue (once dried) will help keep the road from slipping and sliding all over the floor.

If your child will be using the road on carpet, you won’t need to do anything as the felt stays nicely on the carpet.  These roads can also be used on a felt board.  If you want instructions on how to make your own felt board visit my post here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this activity, and thanks for stopping by!

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