Transportation: Planes Week 2


Welcome to a new series about Transportation on Mustard Seed Family.  From April-June I will be sharing a variety of activities for your toddler/preschooler.  This series includes art projects, sensory play, outside activities, and field trips.

Today I’ll be sharing a field trip to the airport.

Airport Field Trip


We know someone special (grandma) who works at the airport, and so today we got an inside look into the Fire station at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport.


Grandma works with firefighters, and she was excited to show the grandchildren her workplace.

We saw the big fire trucks that are specifically for fighting fires in airplanes.  One of them has a drill that can pierce the plane to put out the fire inside, and another hose to put out the fire outside of the plane.  Ella was excited to “drive” in one of the fire trucks.  We also saw the outfits that firefighters have to wear when they are fighting fires.  The helmet was very heavy!

Calvin explored the trucks and we watched the planes take off while eating lunch.  Ella also got a front seat on the air boat!


Can you see Minneapolis in the distance?

It was such a fun experience to visit the fire station and develop a new perspective on what firefighters do.  Thank you MSP Firefighters and staff for making this a successful and thrilling field trip!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this activity, and thanks for stopping by!

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