Bridal Hair: 5 Rose Updo



Step-By-Step Tutorial


Welcome to my new series on bridal updos and getting ready for the big day.  From April through June, I will be sharing various updos, tips on make-up, the do’s and don’ts of wedding hair, veil placing, and bridesmaid updos.

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Today, I’ll show you how to create the five rose updo pictured above.



To begin this hairstyle, begin backcombing the top of your hair for extra volume.  Your hair should be loosely curled with a thicker curling iron and combed through with your fingers.  For the best results, use a thermal protecting spray and heat styling setting spray.



Separate the hair into five sections.



Braid those five section.



Pull on the strands of one side of the braids to loosen, this will create the petals of the rose buns that make up this hairstyle.



Begin rolling the braids from the ends to the place where the braid starts.  Lay the rolled up braid right above the place where the braid started, leaving the pulled side facing outwards.  Pin the braided bun in place using a few bobby pins.  Check out my previous tutorial to get a closer look at creating the first rose bun.

Repeat on all five braids, securing with bobby pins.  Pull on the roots that surround the crown of your head to ensure consistent volume.  Once you are happy with the way it looks, spray generously with finishing hairspray.  I suggest using a professional hairspray that has a very strong hold for all of these bridal updos.  If you use anything by professional, you run the risk of your updo wilting by the reception.  Professional hairsprays are high quality and do not use water as their first ingredient.


As far as veil placement, you have two options.

  1. Veil at the top with a beautiful headband: Place the headband with the ends going underneath the rose buns, pinning with bobby pins for extra support.  Then, place the veil behind the headband, pinning to ensure it stays in place.
  2. Veil above the updo: Place the veil directly above the rose buns, and slide it down into the buns, pinning with bobby pins for extra support.


To see more of my hairstyles, click this link or click beauty and hair on the menu bar at the top of this page.

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