Outside Explorations in the Spring


It’s a Spring themed month here on Mustard Seed Family.  From March 20-April 20, we are focusing on the season of spring.  There will be art activities, outside exploration, felt board fun, and much more!  Please stay tuned for fun, cheap, and educational things to do with your toddler/preschooler.

Today I will be sharing three outside explorations to do with your child in the spring.

[Cleaning Our Neighborhood]



  • Plastic Gloves
  • Trash bags
  • Willing participants

We love going for walks as a family, and so we decided on our walk to the park that we would pick up trash along the way.  Spring is a great time to do this because the snow has recently melted, and the streets are still pretty messy.  We took the stroller, because of Calvin, and so I secured the trash bag in there so that is was easily accessed by Ella, and so it wouldn’t fly away.  I tried putting gloves on her, but she refused.  Typical.  If that is the case for you, tell your child that they can’t pick up the trash.  Then they’ll change their minds!  We found lots of cigarette butts, newspapers, candy wrappers, fast food containers, etc.  By the end of our walk we had filled the bag to the brim.  As we walked back to the house, Ella got to see how clean the neighborhood looked.

It’s so important to teach young children how to improve their community.  So this would be a great learning opportunity to talk to kids about garbage and recycling.  We watched a Magic School Bus episode about recycling after picking up, and I showed Ella where the trash and recyclables go at our house.  If you want to extend this activity, you could take your children to your local recycling plant so that they can see where it all goes.

[Scavenger Hunt]

Young children love to explore new things.  This scavenger hunt is a great way to get them noticing things that they see outside.  I took my kids (3 and 1) to the park and our backyard to see what was going on in nature during the springtime.


[Scavenger Hunt List]

Below you’ll find a free list complete with words and pictures that will help your child keep track of what they find.  We brought this list, clipboard, and marker with us so that we could cross of what we were able to find.


[Planting Flowers]

Bulbs are on sale everywhere in the cities, so we bought some to plant in our yard.


  • trowel
  • watering can
  • gardening gloves (optional)
  • Pot
  • Bulbs
  • Potting Soil
  • Bucket
  • Dirt
  • Bulb Food

[Directions – In Soil]

  1. Dig a hole.  Your kid will love this step.  Ask them to look for worms.  If they find any, they can put them in their bucket.
  2. Ask your child to place the bulb in the hole.
  3. Place the appropriate amount of bulb food over the bulb.  This step should probably be left to the adult.
  4. Have your child fill the hole with the dirt you took out.
  5. Place the worms near the place you planted, and watch them burrow in the dirt.
  6. Ask your kid to help you water the baby plant with their watering can.

[Directions – In Pot]

  1. Place some potting soil into the pot.  You child can do this by taking scoops with their shovel, or they could assist you in pouring the dirt from the bag.
  2. Place the bulb gently on top of the soil.
  3. Add the bulb food.
  4. Ask your child to fill the hole with more potting soil.
  5. Have your kid water the baby plant with their watering can.


Make sure to check up on your plants to see how they grow!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this activity, and thanks for stopping by!

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