Calvin’s 1st Birthday




He came ready to rock and roll!  Calvin was so excited to see everyone, and surprised/elated by the attention.

This party’s theme was dinosaurs.  And since desserts are my favorite, I decided to decorate them for the celebration.  The smash cake was a volcano, which was created by mistake.  Then there were the dinosaur/bones cookies.  And last but not least, the cake. Chocolate cake with chocolate whipped frosting.  The top was sprinkled with cookie crumbs, chocolate rocks, and dinosaur skeletons.


That cute little dinosaur was a Target dollar spot find!  So cute!

8_markedThis was the best photo we could get of the four of us.  We are a nice looking bunch!

It took a little while to get Calvin interested in this weird thing on a plate.  But once he took the first dive, he was all in!

We had so much fun with our family, celebrating Calvin’s birthday.  I love that little boy to pieces, and he makes our world a lot brighter.




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