Twist Into Fishtail


Step-By-Step Tutorial


Hey guys!  It’s feeling a bit like spring here in Minnesota, and I’ve been living in bright colors to show my support.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a winter girl through and through.  But I’m learning to appreciate the beauty in every season.


Today’s tutorial is  another braid in a braid hairstyle.  This time we will be braiding a twisted braid into a fishtail braid.

Here’s some more braid in a braid tutorials:

Braid Within a Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid Within a Braid



First take a small section from your part down to your ear.  Split that section in half.  Twist both strands clockwise all the way to the bottom of the strand.  Then, twist the strands together in the opposite direction (counterclockwise) all way to the end of the section.  Tie with a clear elastic.



Pull on the sides of the twist to make the twist appear more full.


Next, start a fishtail French braid with the rest of the hair starting by the ears.  To do this take a section of hair and split it in two.  Cross the right strand over the left.  Then  pick up a section from the left strand and add it to the right side.  Next, take a new section of hair from the left and cross it to the right.

Now take a section from the right strand and add it to the left side.  Next, take a new section of hair from the right and cross it to the left.

Repeat these steps (including the rope braid) until you have no more hair for new sections.  To complete this braid, just take part of the right section and cross it to the left and vice versa until you reach the bottom of your hair.



Secure with a clear elastic and pull on the braid to loosen it up a bit.  The only issue I had with this hairstyle is the twist.  And it’s because my bangs aren’t long enough to fit into a twist braid.  If you have this issue you could leave that part out or twist closer to your scalp.


Fishtail braiding is probably the easiest to learn because it only involves two strands, and all you’re doing is crossing them over each other.

I love how carefree this style appears.

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