Sorting Animals from Cold/Hot Climates



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Sorting Game


Today’s activity is all about learning the difference between a warm climate and a cold climate.  The book pictured above is a wonderful resource to get kids interested in animals and their habitats.  Today we are focusing on the extremes: the cold artic and the hot jungle.

Hot Jungle


For the hot climate we read The Umbrella by Jan Brett.  We also used Safari Ltd Rainforest TOOB in our sorting game.  The animals used were: black panther, iguana, python, jaguar, tapir, howler monkey, parrot, and toucan.

Cold Arctic


For the cold climate we read Over in the Arctic by Marianne Berkes.  The Safari Ltd Arctic TOOB animals were also used to represent the creatures living in a cold climate.  There is a killer whale, polar bear, wolf, narwhal, caribou, artic hare, and walrus.


For the sorting, we used a three part tray from the dollar store, and two balloons.  We chose white to represent the cooler climate, and the yellow to represent the warmer climate.  The balloons are secured onto the tray with some clear tape.2016-03-01-03.02.17-1_wm.jpg.jpeg

Next, I wrote what we were sorting…cold and hot.  For older kids, you could use the real names of the habitats such as artic and jungle.  But for a toddler, their scope of understanding is limited and so it’s best to keep it simple.


To start this sorting game, start with the animals in the middle section of the tray.  Then ask your child to pick an animal and decide if they live in the cold artic, or the hot jungle.  I provided the books for Ella to look at while sorting, which reminded her which animals go together.  We also talked about what differences there were between the colors of those animals.  She noticed that the animals from the colder regions were mostly white, and the jungle animals were colorful.  That discovery brought us into a discussion about how animals use camouflage to blend into their surroundings and hide from predators and prey.

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