Double Half-Tied Up


Step-By-Step Tutorial

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Double Half-Tied Up Materials:


To get the best results, begin this hairstyle with a bit of wave and movement to your hair.  I used a 1 1/4- 1 1/2 inch curling iron to add some soft waves.  Make sure that you use some sort of heat protectant on your hair before using your curling iron.  This is vital to keeping your hair looking great between cuts as heat without protection will cause split ends.  After curling your hair, use a light hairspray to help hold in the waves.  After waiting a few seconds for the hairspray to dry, begin combing through your curls with your fingers or a wide toothed comb.  You don’t want to use a brush because a brush will take out the curls and make them more unified.  The aim for these curls is to make them look lived in, and a little messy.  Then, you’ll want to add a bit of texturizer to the roots at the top of your head and rub that in to create some extra texture and volume.  If you wish to do some backcombing, you can go ahead and lightly backcomb concentrating on the top of your head.


The next step is to take two small sections of hair from either side of your head, ending at around the temple area.  Bring those sections towards the back as if you were going to be joining them together.  Cross the left strand over the right and bring that same strand under and pull through the hole.  If that was confusing, just imagine your strands of hair as shoelaces.  You are tying them.



Continue tying those strands until you reach the end of your hair.  I believe I have 4 or 5 ties in the picture above.  It will depend on the length of hair, because shorter hair wouldn’t be able to be tied as many times as long hair.


Secure with a clear elastic.



Next, take two sections of hair on either side of your part below the two sections you just tied.  These sections should reach to the back of your ear.  Now tie those sections together as you did the previous time.  Secure the tie with a bobby pin pinned into both sections towards the knot to hold it in place.  Finish this style with some hairspray.




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