Ella Encounters: Medical Training 101


hf_markedThis little girl kills me.

Ella has been to the doctor a few times this year, and has been practicing those experiences on her baby dolls.  Apparently a doctor must wear those red glasses to practice medicine.

Her baby doll put up a little fight, but Ella told her that it was going to be ok.  And that seemed to do the trick.  “I’m not going to hurt you, just checking your eyes.”

Dr. Ella administers shots right to the heart.  She has a few medical journals to back her up I believe.

Then Nurse Calvin decided to start “helping”.  A little late there bud.  Usually the nurse comes in first, but not at this clinic.  Nurse Calvin strongly believes that salivating on the stethoscope will ensure a proper reading.  Don’t ask.

When she’s not practicing medicine, Ella is saying the most interesting things.  Especially when we are out in public it seems.  Of course it’s loud enough for everyone to hear, because that’s not embarrassing at all.

In the middle of Target:

“I have a boob.  You have a boob.  Calvin has boobs.  Everybody has a boob mama.  That guy over there!”

Thanks again Ella M.D. for the human anatomy lesson.  I’m sure the gentleman you were referring to appreciated knowing that he in fact has a rack.  Face palm in the middle of Target…every time folks.

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