Calvin’s Corner: Naptime with Hobbes

Naptime around here is a joke.


Cal has been a horrendous napper from the very start.  But in all honesty I can’t be too upset because he generally sleeps ten to twelve hours a night.  He will humor me at times by take a morning nap, but with the intention of not taking his afternoon nap.  It used to give me grey hairs.  I’m an introvert at heart and when I don’t get any “alone” time, it sucks all the life-force out of me.  Instead of getting frustrated, we leave the house (and he ends up getting tricked into napping in the car seat), or Calvin will go in the baby carrier while I get some things done.


There are afternoons when I lay in bed with him snoozing next to me.  I could be cleaning my house, taking a shower, or working on my blog, but instead I’m laying next to my baby boy.  That’s right, I get to lay next to this sweet little ball of delicious and I’m ok with that.  So when I’m starting to feel overwhelmed by my day and Calvin isn’t willing to sleep without his mama, I pray.

I pray that Calvin would be a leader in a sea of followers. 

That he would choose his friends wisely.

That he would grow in compassion for those who are hurting.

That he would never grow weary of doing good.

This boy, he’s going to move those mountains y’all!

















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