How To Revive Day 3 Hair


This is my hair as is on Day 3.  It’s a sad state of affairs on the left picture and I hope y’all appreciate the fact that I’m posting this for the world to see.  I am a mom of two littles, so I don’t always have the pleasure of washing my hair every day.  My showers are generally either at night after they go to bed, or less than one minute while the kids are entertained and playing nicely (that never happens).

When I first started going a day or two between washings, I hated it.  My hair still looked greasy and the only thing I did with it was put it in a high bun.  But after finding great products that work for my hair, day 3 has become my favorite hair day!  I have fine textured hair, and a lot of products weigh down my hair.  So I’ve found that less is more.  After washing my hair, I use a very small amount of product and start in the back and work through to the front.  A lot of people start at the front and then wonder why their fringe gets so oily…it’s the product.  Trust me, start in the back.

Day 2, I generally just use some homemade dry shampoo that I apply with a make-up brush.  For those wondering what homemade dry shampoo is made of, let me oblige you: it’s baby powder, cocoa powder, and lavender essential oil mixed together.  Pretty simple.  I’ve found that using that on day 2, makes day 3 a lot better.  The homemade dry shampoo creates a great foundation for the dry shampoo on day 3.  Since I have blonde hair, I don’t use much cocoa powder.  For those of you with darker hair, use a bit more.

And less is more in this case.  You can always add, but you can’t take away what you put in.  Go easy and see what works for you.  This is what works for my hair.  Try it, and adjust as needed to suite your specific hair needs.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

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I start off by detangling my hair with Cricket Ultra Smooth Hair Detangler Comb infused with Argan Oil.  With all the bleaching I’ve done over the years, this comb is a Godsend for the tangled mess I’ve created.


After combing through, the next step is to get rid of that flat and oily mop with some dry shampoo.  The best dry shampoo I’ve found thus far is Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo, 3.4 Ounce.  I’ve tried a few different kinds, and this is the only one that takes out the oil and delivers big volume.  I like to start off by spraying my hairline first in the front and back.  Then I part my hair and spray all the way across my head like the picture above (to the right).



After spraying with the dry shampoo, rub it into your scalp like you would in the shower with real shampoo.


Next, use a curling iron to make some soft waves.  I divide my hair into three sections for this soft wave look.  The bottom section ends at the top of my ears, the middle ends at my temples, and the top is the rest of my hair.

To achieve a more natural look, you’ll want to rotate the way you curl each section.  I curled the bottom section by curling away from my face, and the middle section I curled towards my face as pictured above.  For the top section, I just take horizontal sections and curl as I would if I were putting curlers in my hair.


After your hair has cooled (yes, that is an important step because if you mess with your curls before they cool they will fall limp), comb through with your fingers.  To finish this style, spray with Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Hairspray, Spray & Play, 10.0 oz (284 g).


 Does that even look like day 3???  Not a chance. 

Let me know if you have any questions about this tutorial or the products used on here.  What have you found that works for your hair?  I’d love to know!


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