All Tied Up

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Today I’ll be showing you a tutorial to wear your hair halfway-up or all the way up.



This hairstyle works best on wavy or curled hair that is past the shoulders in length.  This is day 2 hair, so the waves came from a previous hairstyle.


To start, take a small section from temple to temple and divide it in half.  Then tie those two sections as you would a shoe lace.  Pull it tightly, if it stays when you let go you can leave it as is.  If it falls out, use some bobby pins to secure.


Next, take a section of hair from both sides adding them into each of the previous sections.  It’s like a French braid, but instead of braiding we are tying.  Once you’ve added to each section, tie them together again.


Take another section from each side and add them into the previous sections and tie them.  By this point you should have three ties in your hair.  If you would like to stop here, you can by securing the last tie with some bobby pins.  Loosen up the ties with your fingers gently to create volume, and spray with your favorite hairspray.



If you wish to continue, take the last part of your hair and divide it into two sections adding them to the previous sections.  Tie those two sections together.  At this point you should have two sections of hair hanging down from the last tie.  If you need to secure these section, you can thrown in some bobby pins.


Then take the section of hair from the right and tie it into a knot.  If there is still hair left from that section, you can tie it in another knot and secure with a bobby pin.  Repeat this step on the left section of hair, securing with some bobby pins.


Isn’t this lovely? 


I hope you’ve enjoyed this two-part tutorial!  Either of these hairstyles would look great on you for Valentine’s Day, or any date-night outing.


To see more of my hairstyles, click this link or click beauty and hair on the menu bar at the top of this page.

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