Savanna Habitat


Welcome to Montessori Mondays!

Are you looking for some cheap, fun, and easy activities that support learning for your child?

You’ve come to the right place.  Every week I’m sharing  Montessori based activities that you can create and share with your children.

Check out my first post here for an explanation of why Montessori works.



-Tan foam sheet

-Plastic plants

-Mod Podge

-Sand (tan and green)

-Hot glue

-Blue tissue paper


-Yellow paper confetti


The plastic plants were attached by poking a hole through the foam sheet and hot gluing the ends underneath the sheet.  For the sand, I used Mod Podge.  And the green sand was used to make it look like grass.  To attach the green sand, I used hot glue.  This way, the grass has some volume to it.  The river is made from blue tissue paper.  That paper has a great wrinkled look which gives a wavy appearance.  Lastly the tall grass was made from yellow confetti.



You can find the plastic animals on Amazon.  They make this habitat look great!  My daughter refuses to believe that lions eat zebra, and decided that the lions would be vegetarians.  Reality is a work in progress for a stubborn toddler.


Below are links to some of my activities:

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Frog/Turtle Sensory Bin and Play-dough/Noddle Threading

Flower Sensory Bin and Buttons with Pipe Cleaners

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Underwater Sensory Bin and Learning to Buckle

Button Snake and Bugs/Grass Sensory Bin

Go check them out and tell me what you think!


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