Calvin’s Corner: TP-ing Hobbes

Welcome to a new series on the blog named Calvin’s Corner.


This series will take you through a day in the life of our 9 month old baby named Calvin.


It’s funny.  It’s cute.  It’s worth reading.


[TP-ing Hobbes]

Today while I as washing dishes, Ella came up and told me that Calvin was getting into mischief again.  Little did I know that he was in the process of turning poor Hobbes into a mummy.


Hobbes was a pretty good sport, but I could see the relief in his eyes when I took off the wrappings.

Whenever it’s quiet, I know something fishy is going on.  Calvin has been named “Sneaky Pete” by his favorite Great Aunt Lisa.  The nickname suits him to a tea.

I usually love keeping the Christmas tree up until the end of January, but with this stinker around I had to call it quits on New Year’s Day.  No sense in prolonging the stress-inducing, grey-hair producing Christmas spirit with a baby around the house.  Am I right?

Calvin’s favorite activity is pulling stuff out.  Once he starts, he can’t stop.  Those books fly off the shelf, and his little legs are just kicking away.  He reminds me of a puppy because those little legs kick every time he gets excited.  And Calvin despises toys, unless they are his sister’s.  I’ll surround him with really fun and exhilarating gadgets, and he’ll crawl right over them to play with the wipes container, piece of string, or mommy’s purse.

This is such a fun age!  He’s been saying “Da-da!’ when we talk to Isaac on the phone.  There is so much curiosity involved which is wonderful and also kind of annoying.  I find myself asking him constantly to not eat leaves or dried peas that have been sitting underneath Ella’s booster seat for weeks.  Calvin also has a puff problem.  Ever heard of it?  It’s a serious addiction to those baby puff snacks.  As soon as he’s in his high-chair he points for them and won’t stop yelling at me until they are on his tray and/or in his mouth.  I have tried cutting him off, but then he bites me.  So, we pick our battles.

Overall, this kid is so entertaining and I couldn’t imagine my life without him!

Tune in next week to see what’s happening in Calvin’s world.






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