Christmas 2015


[Christmas Eve]

Christmas Eve was spent with my side of the family at my parent’s house.  My Grandma and my Sister were there, and it was wonderful to see them both again. My husband Isaac played three Christmas Eve services at our church with this beauty.  He painted and assembled the bass, and it looks almost as great as he makes it sound!


[Christmas Morning]

As soon as those kids woke up, we opened presents.  Then we let them play with their presents while Isaac made birthday pancakes (for Jesus).  As they grow older, we’ll do more with our immediate family in the morning, but for now this laid back Christmas morning works for us!

[Christmas Day]

After Cal’s nap we went on a 2 minute drive to the in-laws house.  We opened presents, read the Christmas story, watched Christmas movies, and Isaac made his famous homemade pizza.

Overall it was a great Christmas. Calvin decided to pop his two front teeth, which made for some sleepless nights.  Ella was hilarious, as usual.  She got two barbies for Christmas. Below is a sample of her conversation:

Tink: You’re green

Ariel: No I’m not, you’re green.

Tink: Oh yeah.

Below is the wonderful present from my husband.  I love Mike Rowe.  But then again, is there anyone in this retched world who doesn’t?


Merry Christmas to all of my wonderful followers, family, and friends!



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