Twisted Braids Around a Low Bun – Hair Tutorial

Step By Step Tutorial



Start out with your hair either curly or straight.  I like to use texture spray for updos and braids.  Next, part your hair on the side (which ever side you prefer).



Divide your hair into three sections.  The two front sections stop right behind the ear.


Start twisting your hair on the left side, twisting close to your hairline all the way to the bottom of your ear.


Once all the hair is twisted in that section, separate that into two sections.  Twist both sections clockwise.  Then twist those sections counterclockwise all the way to the bottom of the strand.  Twist the other side, leaving the back section for later.


After your twists are secured with clear elastics, pin the back section for volume.  Then wrap the hair around to create a low bun and secure with bobby pins.



Take the twisted braid from the left section and wrap it around the bun, securing with bobby pins.  Then take the twist from the right section and wrap that around the bun as well securing with more bobby pins.


I know the twisting may seem complicated, but it really isn’t!  I promise if you try it, you will love it!

To see more of my hairstyles, click this link or click beauty and hair on the menu bar at the top of this page.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Karin Rambo says:

    This is really pretty! I might wear this for Christmas Day!

    1. Janell says:

      Thank you! It will look beautiful on you I’m sure 😊

  2. CouponGal says:

    i first gotta now go out and get some long hair! 🙂

  3. A Proverbs 31 Wife says:

    So pretty! Now you just need a Lilla Rose flexi clip to hold it instead of Bobby Pins 🙂
    I love doing hair, even though my own particular style is quite boring lol.

    1. Janell says:

      Thanks for stopping by! So glad you liked it!

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