Fishtail Braid Within a Braid


This hairstyle looks intricate, but doesn’t require a lot of time and effort.  If you can fishtail braid, you can totally do this.


[Step 1]

(You can start this hairstyle off with your hair straightened or curly.  I find that braided hairstyles tend to look better with hair that has some wave to it.  That way, the pieces that stick out don’t stick straight out.)

If you desire more volume, backcomb a section at the crown of your head and comb through with your fingers to smooth it out.

[Step 2]

Take a section of hair and fishtail braid it.  I chose to braid a section starting near the crown of my head, but you could do one at the nape of your neck, or behind your ear.  A fishtail braid is one of the most simple braids because you only have two sections.  You cross them over and then bring a small piece from the right section over to the left section.  Then you bring a small piece from the left section over to the right section.


[Step 3]

Loosen the fishtail braid to create a fuller effect and tie the end off with a clear elastic band.


[Step 4]

Separate the rest of your hair into three sections, including the fishtail braid into one of the sections.  Begin braiding starting from the nape of the neck all the way down to the ends of your hair.  When you reach the end of the fishtail braid, take out the elastic and continue braiding.  When the braid is complete, tie the end with a clear elastic band.  Loosen the braid to create a fuller effect by pulling each strand.


And there you have a fishtail braid within a braid!  If you liked this tutorial please be sure to let me know by clicking the like button below.

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