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Welcome to Montessori Mondays!

Are you looking for some cheap, fun, and easy activities that support learning for your child?

You’ve come to the right place.  Every week I’m sharing  Montessori based activities that you can create and share with your children.

Check out my first post here for an explanation of why Montessori works.



-White Foam Sheet: Purchased at Michael’s, and cut to fit the tray

-Serving Tray

-Batting: Purchased at Joann Fabrics

-Fir Trees: Purchased at Michael’s

-Artic Animals: Purchased at Michael’s

-Water felt: Purchased at Michael’s

-Mod Podge: Purchased at the Dollar Tree

-Rocks: Purchased at the Dollar Tree

-Hot Glue

-White Icebergs: Felt

-Snow: Purchased at Dollar Tree


For the water, I cut out blue and white felt.  The blue was hot glued first, and then the white felt was glued to look like icebergs.


The fluffy stuff is batting which I used mod podge to attach to the foam.  The little snowballs are just Styrofoam.


Aren’t these cute?


The trees were easy to find because it’s the Christmas season, but you can typically find them at Michael’s all year round.

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