Monsters and Pumpkins


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Check out my first post here for an explanation of why Montessori works.


Color sorting just got a little spooky!


Materials: Paper lunch bags, googly eyes, construction paper, blocks

First cut out a hole on one side of the paper lunch bag.  Next, cut out some teeth using white construction paper.  Choose a color, and cut the construction paper to fit the lunch bag (up to the crease at the bottom).  Finally, glue the teeth, paper and googly eyes onto the paper bags.  My monsters have oval-shaped mouths, but you could cut the mouths into rectangles too.  Once the glue has dried, you can open the lunch bag and fold it close on the top.  Then find some blocks that match the color of the monsters and place them in a container or basket.


Tell your toddler that these block-eating monsters are hungry for blocks that match their color.  Once the monsters have had their blocks, your toddler can empty the bags back into the basket and start over again.  These bags can also be decorated by your child.  They could add stickers, paint, glitter, etc.


Real pumpkins are a bit messy to play with, so the next best thing is making jack-o-lanterns with play-dough.



Googly eyes


Green pipe cleaners, cut into pieces


Orange Play-dough


The pipe cleaners are the stem of the pumpkin.


Next come the cute little googly eyes.


Then, take a toothpick to make a nose.


Finally, use the toothpick to make a mouth.


My daughter doesn’t know how to make play-dough into balls yet, but she tears pieces off and puts them on top of each other to form a ball-like shape.  What I loved about watching her play with this was that she made a big pumpkin and put all the eyes and pipe cleaners on it.  She poked holes in it with the toothpick, and called it a big pumpkin.

There are a couple of things your child can learn from this activity.

1. How to create shapes with play-dough.

2. How to make different faces (sad, happy, scary, angry, scared, etc.)

3. Sequencing.  Making big, medium, and small pumpkins teaches your child what order they fall into.  You can ask them to arrange the pumpkins from large to small and vice versa.

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Go check them out and tell me what you think!


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