Braided Top Knot – Hair Tutorial


This hairstyle was actually inspired by Star Wars.  I know, it seems odd.  But hang in there, I’ll explain.

So you know the famous Princess Leigh hairdo with the braided high bun?  Well, this was drawn from that.  It’s just less nerdy.  I love it because it’s an easy way to make a top knot look unique.

1. Backcomb like you mean it.


2. Decide how high you’d like the top knot to be.


3. Put your head down and braid.


4. Once your braid is complete, tie with a clear elastic at the bottom.  Then tie the beginning of the braid with a clear elastic.


5. Fatten up that braid by pulling each strand.  And finally, twist the braid into a bun and pin with bobby pins.



Another idea would be to start the braid from the nape of your head and French braid all the way up.


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