High Half Pony With a Twist – Hair Tutorial


I’ve been browsing Pinterest lately and noticed the large amount of  high half ponytails on there.  And while I’m closing in on the big -30- soon, this do makes my hair feel like it’s -23-.  Yeah, my hair looses confidence sometimes.  It craves a new and exciting style to show off its best curves.  The boring high loop that I am currently sporting has been overplayed.  And while it serves its purpose of keeping my hair out of a grabby baby’s reach, it has been done to death.  This high half pony does a great job of putting the volume on top, while also giving the illusion of layers.

So.  Gather a clear elastic and a backcombing comb and take them and your phone to a mirror.  I’ll take you step by step, and by the end this style will have your hair feeling like it’s -23- again.

1. Section your hair off from ear to ear.


2. Backcomb that top section starting from the scalp to the ends.  Then be sure to smooth it out with your fingers to avoid the rat’s nest look.


3. Gather the hair and tie it with a clear elastic.


4. Adjust the ponytail to the desired height.


5. Take a section of the ponytail and twist it.


6. Wrap the twisted piece around the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin.


This hairstyle can be worn with straight, wavy, or curly hair.  I left my bangs out, but you don’t have to (especially if you don’t have bangs, duh Janell).  If you do include your bangs in this high half ponytail, you’ll want to curl your hair first.  That way the small pieces won’t stick straight up and make you look like a fool.  You’re welcome.


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  1. Brenda Kremer says:

    Very cute!!

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