5 Steps to Being a Stress-Free Mom



Sometimes we get into silly arguments over who is more exhausted.

But let’s face it, we’re all tired.   Did you know that there is always somebody who’s more tired than you?  Just think about it.  You were exhausted having one child, but the lady who has two children is probably a bit more tired than you, right?  Or that mama who has twins.  Or the friend who works fifty hours a week, has two kids three and under at home, and one on the way.  We are not just physically tired, we’re mentally worn out.  Tired mammas are like a nail who used to be perfectly groomed and manicured, with a splash of  beautiful pink polish named something like Kiss Me I’m Brazilian.  But we’ve become chipped.  Our cuticles are showing in all the wrong places.  We even have a hang nail.  Oh the horror.

Awful analogy aside, we mothers are physically and mentally drained by our busy lives.  If you are not, please tell me how you do it and what you are drinking!  At times, our thoughts are consumed with pity parties that nobody goes to.  We keep thinking that life will be easier when something stops or when something begins. For example, I thought my life would finally be a breeze when my daughter stopped throwing tantrums at bedtime.  But you know what happened next?  I had a baby.  So um, new challenge.  Another example would be thinking that more money will solve problems.  Wrong again, in fact more money typically creates more problems.  Gosh I hate being a grown up sometimes.

Ladies, who else has been under the assumption that the older we get, the easier life gets?  Obviously that’s not true.  Life is always going to be hard.  That’s a guarantee.  Our lives don’t need changing to make things easier, rather it’s our hearts and minds that need the transformation.  Our attitude needs to change.  Sure my daughter won’t always be throwing tantrums, but one day I’ll be faced with the challenge of curfew and boys.  Scary, right?  I’m just so tired of being stressed out.  I want to enjoy motherhood like I was promised by those who have gone before me.  And you know what?  I can.  We can.  We can live a life that’s free of stress while the rest of the world watches us in disbelief.  It’s possible if you remove the idea that you can do this life alone, without any help or assistance.   I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…we can’t handle life in isolation.  Moms, we desperately need the guiding hand of our heavenly Father to help us breath through these labor pains of life.  [Two analogues in one post?  Yep.  Lucky you.]

I invite you to start this journey down a road to stress free-living.  Drinking in the moments that touch our souls and letting the difficult situations become teachable moments.  I want a life that I don’t need to take a vacation from.  Don’t you?

Without further ado, here’s a list of ways to deal with life without ending up in the nut house:

5. Put the phone down.

Start experiencing life without a screen.  I’m preaching to the choir here.  I’ve often felt convicted of spending too much time online, but if course I always whip out my excuse of being a blogger.  Nope.  Not a good enough excuse.  What really helps is setting specific times during the day for looking at the cellular device.  I’m telling you that you’ll see a world of difference once you start looking beyond the screen (of which you are currently reading this here blog. Yes I’m aware of the irony).

4. Take a hike!

Seriously. Do it.  Any kind of exercise that makes you feel on top of the world is always a good idea.  Go for a walk with the kids.  Join a gym.  Take up Yoga.  After spending time at the gym, I leave feeling invigorated!  And don’t just do this for weight loss, do this for mental peace.  A thirty minute workout is better at reducing stress than that tall glass of wine.

3. When life hands you a pickle, learn to like pickles.

There are so many things we can’t control.  And since we can’t change a lot of our circumstances, let’s look at them as opportunities to grow.

“God does not change, but He uses change—to change us. He sends us on journeys that bring us to the end of ourselves. We often feel out of control, yet if we embrace His leading, we may find ourselves on the ride of our lives.”

-Jenn Hatmaker

2. Find your joy.

Spend a little time everyday doing something that you love.  For me it’s creating something new.  I can’t stress the importance of taking time for yourself and recharging for the next day.  It could be reading a book, self-care, sitting in front of a fire, baking, or any number of things that you enjoy.  Just do it.  Take the time and be kind to yourself everyday.

1. Pray your heart out.

Our prayers may not move other people’s mountains, but they sure can move our own. Prayer is so important, and I hope you realize how powerful your prayer time is to your life.  Give God everything, and don’t hold back.  He can handle your honesty, and He loves spending time with you.

“God designed the human machine to run on Himself. He Himself is the fuel our spirits were designed to burn, or the food our spirits were designed to feed on. There is no other.” C.S. Lewis





5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ina Library says:

    This post was incredible. SO sweet and simple with such wisdom and insight. I am so grateful that I found it this morning. I am definitely going to carry these ideas with me all day and all week. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Janell says:

      So glad you were touched by it!

  2. Rebekah says:

    Also, I’m pinning and sharing! 🙂

  3. Rebekah says:

    Weird. I had another comment. It must not have gone through.

    Being on my phone all the time is something that has been convicting me lately so I loved that you brought out that point in the post. I’ve been trying to only use the phone when my boys are busy with other things or sleeping and that has helped a little. The biggest thing I have done lately is to turn off the notifications on my phone. That way I’m not constantly hearing it and running to check. 🙂

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