Bottom Knot with Braids Tutorial


Little man is starting to become very grabby, pulling my golden locks whenever he can.


Stinker with a capital S.  But we love him all the same.  So with that being said (because I know everyone loves a cute baby), I am sharing a tutorial of my favorite hairstyle.


It’s the opposite of the popular top knot, with braids as an added attraction.  I have even taken the knot out the next day and had the prettiest looking curls.


To start, make sure your hair is completely dry and do some backcombing at the top for added volume.  I also use some dry shampoo at my roots for a nice textured look.


Gather your hair from behind your ears and pin in the back, leaving the hair by your ears out.


If you have fine hair, bobby pins will work.  However, if your hair is thick, you’ll have to use an elastic hair band to keep it secure.


Next, take the hair in front that you left out and split it in half.  The front will be left out again, while the other section will be your braid.


Go ahead and braid!  A good tip for braiding is to braid in the direction you want it to go. Otherwise it will get kind of frumpy and lumpy.


After braiding both sides, loosen your braid by pulling it on the sides from bottom to the top.  This is how you make a small skinny braid look thicker.


Now you’re going to place the braid over the hair you gathered, pinning with bobby pins. Then do the same with the other side, laying one braid below the other.


Gather the bottom section into a low pony and secure with a clear elastic. Next, twist that pony as you would a top knot and secure with another clear elastic. Then wrap the sections you left in front around your bottom knot and secure with bobby pins.


There! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. I’m no longer working behind the chair, but I still have a passion for beautiful hair.
Please feel free to ask any questions you have about this style or anything about hair in general.



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  1. Katie says:

    Lovely! Your photos are fabulous.

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