Felt Food- Pop Tart

This week’s felt food is pop tarts.

There are so many different kinds of pop tarts. I chose one with white frosting and sprinkles. You could definitely make smores, blueberry, strawberry, chocolate chip cookie, cherry, etc.


All you need for this are tan felt, white felt, and different colors of thread. I choose to use thread for the sprinkles because I didn’t want my daughter to pick them off. You could use tiny beads for sprinkles if your child is old enough to know to leave them alone.

I cut out two rectangles of tan felt. Then I cut one rectangle of white felt that was half an inch smaller on all sides than the tan rectangles.
I sewed the white felt to one of the tan rectangles. Then I sewed little lines of thread on the white felt to resemble sprinkles.
Finally, I sewed the two tan rectangles together with the frosting and sprinkles facing out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, tune in next week for another felt food post.


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