Trusting God Series – Heaven not Harvard

Today’s post is brought to you by Jennifer from Heaven Not Harvard.

About Jennifer:

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Jennifer DeFrates taught high school English and Social Studies for 17 years before staying home to raise her adopted daughter. God has really used that time to grab hold of her heart and focus her eyes on Him. She currently is homeschooling her daughter and living her life as a wife, a mother, sister, daughter, friend. Jennifer writes about the ways God uses the smallest, most wonderful things to change her heart, a dirty pair of underwear, her daughter’s laughter, a butterfly in the trees. Real life is messy and hard, but she is learning to face it with God’s grace.


1. What is your favorite verse about trusting God?

2 Peter 3:9 ESV The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.

– Why? It is a good reminder that the Lord is always working for us, even when we can’t yet see the outcome. He loves us and desires our turning towards Him most of all.

2. Describe a time when God was teaching you to trust Him.

Last year, after my second hip surgery in less than a year, I dislocated my newly replaced hip. Talk about painful! The treatment was six weeks in the most awful brace. Six weeks of going nowhere, not being able to sit up or lay down. I was beyond devastated. I’d been unable to walk freely for a year already. I just wanted to be “normal” again so badly. But after a time for tears, I realized that if I could do nothing else, I could certainly listen to God and be led by Him. I couldn’t see the good of allowing this injury, but I trusted God could use that time for His purpose. I experienced fantastic spiritual growth and had some wonderful time that I could just focus on being present for my family. While I wouldn’t want to do that again, I could definitely see God asking me to trust that He would never waste a moment of my life and letting Him guide me to the lessons he wanted me to learn, including how to be still in the storms of life and hear His voice. 

Nothing is Wasted

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“How do you hang onto hope when the darkness of a loss or a particular struggle might last your entire life? We have to know that nothing is wasted. Nothing! A difficult day or a lifetime thorn in our flesh is part of God’s perfect plan for all those who follow him. But His plan stretches into eternity; a lifetime is but a blink. Our perspective of trust has to believe that the ripples of our lives can be used and have purpose beyond us.”

To read more, go here.


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