Felt Board DIY


My two year old loves felt. So far I’ve made her felt food and felt dolls.
Since she’s shown great interest in those, I thought it might be time for a felt board.

I remember my mother creating all kinds of fun felt things for us to play with as children, so after browsing pinterest I created my own board.

We’ve had a 20 by 30 inch frame collecting dust in our basement. I bought it at Michael’s a long time ago because it was well over 50% off, and I think I spent less than $9 for it.


The frame was the perfect size for a felt board.

After finding and cleaning the frame I went to Joann Fabrics to purchase some flannel fabric. I asked for 48 inches (4 ft) of fabric to make sure I had enough to cover the frame.


I then used the cardboard that came inside the frame as a guide for cutting the fabric to the length and width that was needed.


After cutting the fabric, I used hot glue to attach the flannel to the glass from the frame. I made sure to stretch it on each side to ensure that no wrinkles were present.

After gluing the flannel, I placed it inside the frame and attached the back of the frame.


There you have it! It was very easy to do, and you could use almost any kind of frame for this.

Right now I’m in the process of making Easter eggs and other fun Easter things for the felt board. The sky is the limit for the themes you could do. Some that I  remember my mom making were: dinosaurs, dolls with clothes, and underwater animals (there were many more, but I can’t think at the moment).


I’ll be sharing each one that I create with you as I make them.

In addition to this felt board, I also created a travel sized one for bringing in the car or to appointments. I’ll be sharing that with you soon!


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