Montessori Learning Activities for Toddlers: Color Wheel and Threading with Pipe Cleaners/Colander


Are you looking for some cheap, fun, and easy activities that support learning for your toddler?

You’ve come to the right place.  Every week I’m sharing 1-2 Montessori based activities that you can create and share with your toddlers.

Check out my first post here for an explanation of why Montessori works, as well as two other activities for your toddler.

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1. Color Wheel


Materials: Color wheel (could be constructed with cardboard or felt), clothespins, and paint.


My color wheel was made out of felt.  I used black felt for the bottom (traced the circle by using a bowl from my kitchen), and red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple for the triangles on the top.  I sewed everything together with a clear thread.


I pulled out my acrylic paints and started mixing colors.  At first I thought I would just use six clothespins, but I wanted to increase the difficulty of this sorting activity.  My daughter is already pretty good at sorting colors, and I wanted to use different shades of the same color to challenge her mind.

2. Threading with Pipe Cleaners/Colander


Materials: a colander (you could pick one up from the dollar tree), and pipe cleaners.


This activity is all over Pinterest.  It’s one of the easiest activities to put together, and your toddler is bound to love it.  They will be able to practice using their fine motor skills to thread the pipe cleaners into the holes of the colander.

 I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and I invite you to join me next week for another Montessori activity for your toddler.


*These activities are my own, and are not sponsored by any Montessori organization.


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