February Goals


January Recap

Memorize 4 new scriptures


Right now I am in the process of reading “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis.  If you’ve never read anything by him, I highly suggest that you start now!  He addresses the tough questions about morality and the church.  I’m only on the third chapter, but it’s a hard book to put down!

While I was reading that book, this verse came up on my bible app.  It drove me to think about the kind of philosophy that I follow.  I want to know that it depends on Christ, and not just the things of this world that hold no meaning.


This verse is always a good reminder that God is the smart one.  He knows it all, and we can only see what’s in front of us.


When we are going through a difficult stretch on the road of life, we loose sight of what’s up ahead.  I needed this verse to motivate me spiritually this month.  When I want to quit and give up, God says, “Press on Janell!”


This verse came to me, and I don’t think it was a coincidence with all the controversial topics on my news feed.  Seeing Christians attack each other more and more has brought me to the conclusion that we should all take this verse personally.  The devil is at play in our conversations.  He wants to bring division, and he wants to create animosity. Our words are so important, and I want to be a Christian who sprinkles salt when I speak.

Go on a date with Isaac (Which will consist of actually leaving the house) to see the last Hobbit movie

Whoops.  We never did this 😦  Thus is the life of a married couple with a toddler and a baby on the way.

Find guard rail for E’s new bed and a ladder

We purchased a guard rail off of amazon, and are purchasing a small step stool from Walmart.

Start having E sleep in her new room for naps and eventually overnight

She has been sleeping in her pack and play in her new room for naps and overnight, and we haven’t had any issues.  I think she loves being in her new room.  Once the guard rail comes in, we will be saying goodbye to the crib completely.

Do 4 fun activities with E, one per week.

I’ve been finding some great stuff on pinterest lately.


This is a pretty painless activity that requires little clean up, and it kept E busy for over 30 minutes.  I used penne noodles, but you could use any kind of hard noddle.  The play-dough was from the dollar tree, so this activity was incredibly cheap.


We had fun in the snow again.  E loves to scoop snow into her bucket and spread it on the driveway.  Her dad really appreciates that 🙂


E went to the zoo almost once a week in the month of January.  We decided to spend a little extra to get the membership that includes both parents.  That way when I am too pregnant or after I give birth, her dad can spend some wonderful time with her at the zoo.


This was another pinterest find.  Just brilliant.  Your pour some paint into a plastic bag and tape it to the table (or their highchair tray).  It’s finger-painting without all the mess!

Finish baby’s Narnia mobile

Nope.  I waited too long to find some sticks from our backyard.  We are waiting for them to dry out before we do anything else.  The felt creations for the mobile are finished.  I cannot wait to share them with all of you!

Paint Nursery

Yes!  Although we have actually painted yet, we have everything and will be painting tomorrow!

Spring Cleaning (Organize pantry, linen closet, and file cabinet)

I am so proud to say that this has been accomplished.  The file cabinet was by far the most work, but it needed to be done about 3 years ago.

Make and send out E’s birthday invitations


Aren’t they cute?  We’re doing the Hungry Caterpillar and it involves serving the food that he eats in that book.  I’m keeping it simple this year because I’ll be in no condition to go crazy with decor and such.

Make a garland for E’s room and hang frames on her walls


The garland is up, and I have a few things hung.  I am planning on making two frames that have the alphabet and numbers.  I am also planning on making some frames to hold her artwork.

Find a bookshelf for the nursery

Our in-laws found us a real coffee station, so we could put the bookshelf that we were using for that in the nursery.

 February Goals

  • Start big girl bed routine
  • Start keeping track of finances (meticulously, instead of guessing)
  • Each week, make a freezer meal in prep of baby’s arrival
  • Memorize four new scriptures
  • Start a new Bible Study plan
  • Start organizing the basement
  • Finish baby mobile
  • Start packing hospital bag
  • Go on a date with Isaac




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