Montessori Activities for Toddlers: Button Snake and Bugs/Grass Sensory Bin


Are you looking for some cheap, fun, and easy activities that support learning for your toddler?

You’ve come to the right place.  Every week I’m sharing 1-2 Montessori based activities that you can create and share with your toddlers.

Check out my first post here for an explanation of why Montessori works, as well as two other activities for your toddler.

1. Button Snake



 Materials: Felt squares, scissors, ribbon (mine was a bit long, I think 12 inch ribbon would work), large button, thread, and a needle.

wpid-picsart_1422460187508_wm.jpg1. Take your felt square and fold it in half.  Cut a slit that is big enough for the button to fit through.


2. Cut a slit in each felt square.  They don’t have to be different colors, but I wanted to incorporate learning colors with this project.


 3. Next on the list is sewing the button onto the ribbon.


4. You can fold the ribbon and sew it together to make a nice cushion for the button.


 5. Sew the button on each side of the ribbon.


 There you have it!


 Once the buttons are sewn, you can button the fabric squares onto the button snake.


 This was such an easy project, and my daughter has a lot of fun with it.

2. Sensory Bin: Bugs and Grass

Sensory play is a huge part of early Montessori learning.  Toddlers are developing their sensory motor skills, and learn by touching and feeling things.  There are so many ideas for sensory bins on Pinterest.  The sky in the limit!  They don’t have to cost a lot of money either.  I mostly shop at the Dollar Tree and Michael’s (when I have a coupon) for these materials.



Materials: plastic container, Easter grass, and plastic bugs.

I purchased this container at Michael’s because they were having a sale.  It is the perfect size for a toddler, and being smaller I don’t have to purchase as many materials to fill it up.


Easter grass is out in stores already, so I purchased this grass at the Dollar Tree.


These plastic bugs were also purchased at the Dollar Tree.  Best store ever!


 And there you have it.  Pretty simple to put together, and it is going in a plastic bag next week to make way for the next sensory bin project.

 I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and I invite you to join me next week for another Montessori activity for your toddler.

wpid-picsart_1422392861623_wm.jpg wpid-picsart_1422392754970_wm.jpg



*These activities are my own, and are not sponsored by any Montessori organization.


18 Comments Add yours

  1. Abi Craig says:

    Great ideas, Janell. My girls have a “ribbon snake” I made with a cloud stitched to one end and the pieces are rainbow colors so they can practice putting them on in order. I never thought about using fake grass for a sensory bin.

  2. confessions1rst says:

    Pretty neat! My kids are much older for me to use, but it’s brilliant and simple!

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