January Goals


December Recap

Make a felt Christmas tree for E

This never happened, and I’m okay with that.  Maybe if I start this project in October, it will be done by before December of this year.  I think E will enjoy it more this next Christmas anyways.

wpid-img_20141223_174828_wm.jpgHere is what I decided to work on instead.  Felt food!  E got a play kitchen for Christmas, so I’ve been making her food out of felt and she loves it.  I have a felt food board on my Pinterest if you are wondering where I got the ideas from.

Memorize 4 new scripture verses

wpid-picsart_1419813345510.jpgSome of these verses were hard to swallow when I thought about applying them to my life.  My aim for this year it to live 1st Thessalonians 5:16-18.  I want to rejoice in the good and the bad situations; be in constant communication with the Lord through prayer; and walk in gratitude no matter what circumstance I’m facing.  If that’s God’s will for me, I want to do it.  I want to be obedient this year and follow His calling wherever that takes me.

Go on 2 dates with Isaac

December was a difficult time to fit 2 dates into with the holidays and everything.  The only date we went on was a whole night to ourselves.  E’s grandparents took her for the night so we ordered Chinese food and watched a movie.  I think instead of setting a goal for 2 dates per month, we will plan on just one.  That way we can plan for more exciting date nights.

Continue doing 4 art projects with E, one per week

This month, I didn’t focus on art, instead I tried to do activities with E that involved fine motor.  We played with play dough, bathtub painting (click here to see the recipe), color sorting with felt, and shaving cream with a mirror (click here to see how to do this).

Find a bookshelf for the nursery,

and a bed frame for E’s bed

We haven’t found a bookshelf for the nursery yet, but E’s grandparents got her a beautiful sleigh bed for Christmas.

Start putting decorations on walls in E’s room and the nursery

I’ve finally decided where I want things to go on the walls of E’s room, but I have yet to physically put them there.  We’ve decided to paint the nursery because of holes in the wall and marks that don’t come out.  So that’s why we haven’t put anything on the walls yet.  Painting and decorating will go on January’s goal list.

Spend some high quality family time enjoying the fun activities of Christmas and winter snow


December wasn’t a great month for snow.  We did go sledding a couple of times, and E loved helping her dad shovel our driveway.  As far as Christmas activities go, we did a few fun things as a family.  We spent a night driving around our city and looking at lights.  E had her first cup of hot chocolate, and of course we also made Christmas cookies.

Continue going to the gym twice a week

This hasn’t been easy.  There was a week when I only went once because of a nasty cold that hit our family.  I’m hoping to continue this as long as I can.  There will come a time soon when I’ll have to change-up my workout routine, but until then I’m walking on the treadmill, lifting weights, and stretching.

Get a family photo of the four of us for Christmas

We did finally get a photo of our family on New Years Day.  Isaac and I were both sick during the holidays, so we had to wait until everyone was fully recovered.

Bake Christmas cookies with E


E loved this activity!  It was so much fun for her, and she loved the rolling-pin the most.  Flour was everywhere, and she also got a taste of raw cookie dough (which she didn’t really enjoy).  Next year I’m going to have her help me with frosting the cookies.

Make way for the new dishwasher


Our Christmas gift to each other this year was a new dishwasher.  It has been installed and works great!  E has been loving this new contraption and helps us take the clean dished out of the dishwasher.

Take E to the zoo as much as possible


We were able to go twice in December.  E’s favorite thing to do is kiss the turtle statue.  It’s incredibly cute.  She’s able to walk around the zoo more than ever, which is wonderful for wearing her out…and me.

January Goals

  • Memorize 4 new scriptures
  • Go on a date with Isaac (Which will consist of actually leaving the house) to see the last Hobbit movie
  • Find guard rail for E’s new bed and a ladder
  • Start having E sleep in her new room for naps and eventually overnight
  • Do 4 fun activities with E, one per week.
  • Finish baby’s Narnia mobile
  • Paint Nursery
  • Spring Cleaning (Organize pantry, linen closet, and file cabinet)
  • Make and send out E’s birthday invitations
  • Make a garland for E’s room and hang frames on her walls
  • Find a bookshelf for the nursery

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rebekah says:

    Another goal setter!! 🙂 I love making goals and then crossing them off.
    I have scripture memory as one of my goals too. My plan is to memorize 1 Peter-3 John over this year. It works out to a little over one chapter a month. Hoping to be able to say I did this at years end.

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