NARNIA THEMED NURSERY – Part 1: Royal Garland


 It’s a boy!

We just had an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago, and found out that we are having a beautiful baby boy.


He is one handsome little bugger.  I love him already.  Our ultrasound tech was amazed when she got this shot of him.  I guess she hasn’t had a profile like this in over 9 years.  I think our little guy is just photogenic.  He flexed his arm for us, and we saw him yawn during the ultrasound.  Unfortunately he wasn’t very cooperative at the end, because we couldn’t get a good picture of the right side of his heart.  So we’ll have to get another ultrasound at the end of January, of which I’m looking forward to.  He’s just perfect.  All ten fingers, and all ten toes are accounted for.  He also has a cute little button nose to match his sister’s.

Once we learned the sex, I decided to start my decorations.  I had the Narnia theme in mind for a while, but couldn’t start making anything until I knew which colors would work.  My first project was the garland that goes above the crib.

Below is a rundown of how to make a garland.



These are the fabric squares that I found from Joann Fabrics.  Three of them are plain (red, yellow, and blue), and two are patterned (orange and green).  Each square is the perfect size to make triangles for a garland.


Frist, you’ll want to cut the fabric into rectangles (I used the creases to help me cut straight lines).  Each square of fabric should give you eight rectangles.  Fold those rectangles into squares and press each one with an iron until it gives you a good crease.


Next, you’ll need to cut a triangle the size of your choosing out of cardboard (I used the little cardboard square that comes with the fabric squares).  Place the cardboard triangle so that the bottom side is on the crease of the fabric square (this will save you a step during the sewing process).


This is what your triangle should look like after cutting it.  The bottom of the triangle should have a crease so that when you unfold the triangle it makes a diamond shape.


Here are all of the triangles cut and ready for the next step.


If you need to iron your triangles again, go for it.  Some of my triangles had a stubborn crease, so I had to iron them twice.


Next, unfold your triangle so that it looks like a diamond.  You’ll want the “good side” facing down, with the “bad side” facing up toward you.


After that, you’ll need to iron some folds of your diamond.  This will make the sewing process run smoothly later on.


Once the diamond is ironed, fold it together to remake the original triangle.  I used a small pin where my thumb is to keep it together and then I tucked the folds into the inside of the triangle.


To keep everything together, iron your triangle with the pin in to ensure that it keeps its shape while you sew.


Here are my pinned and pressed triangles, all ready for sewing.


Next is sewing.  You can sew by hand or use a machine.  I decided to sew these by hand because I am horrible at sewing straight lines on the machine, and it would have been a pain to switch colors.  What I ended up using was nylon thread, which is clear.  That way I could use the same thread without having to worry about it matching the specific fabric. You could start sewing at any point, but I started at the top left corner, leaving room (on the creased side) for a piece of string to go through.


Once you are finished sewing, you can string up your triangles.  I’ve shown with an arrow above how I inserted the string.  It can be tricky to do without any tools, so I stuck a pin through the end of the string and fished that through the triangle.  I used natural polished hemp as the string for this garland.


Here is the finished project!  Isn’t it beautiful?

Thanks for stopping by!  And stay tuned for Part 2 of this Narnia Themed Nursery series.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Congrats!!

    LOVE the nursery theme!!

  2. Dara says:

    Congratulations, mama! That nursery is going to be super cute!!!

  3. I love this. The colors are awesome too! So bright and cheery 🙂 And Narnia! aaah love it. Props to you for sewing by hand!
    Congratulations on the baby. He looks precious.

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