A Few of My Favorite Things COUNTDOWN: #1

As a former Stylist, I have a passion for finding great products.  Over the last few months, I have been sharing some of my favorite products; from hair care all the way down to my favorite toenail polish.

Please join me in the end of my “Favorite Things” COUNTDOWN:


#1: Rusk® Being Sexy Hairspray

This is becoming my favorite hairspray of all time.  I used to be a Big Sex Hair® concepts girl, but their hairspray bottles have the tendency of constantly clogging.  Being Sexy hairspray by Rusk® has a wonderful smell, gives the perfect hold, and does not clog.  I can use it to hold a hairstyle and to add volume to my hair.  When my hair is damp, I mist it with this spray and continue to blow-dry with my round brush and fingers.  This formula is perfect because it’s not too heavy, yet it holds my hair all day long.  Talk to your stylist today to find out where you can purchase this wonderful product!

Extra tip:  When purchasing hairspray, you’ll want to check the ingredients first.  If Aqua (Water) is one of the first ingredients, you may as well save your money and spray your hair with a shot of water from your shower.  Water is not listed as one of the first ingredients in high-quality hairsprays.  So beware!


I hope you’ve enjoyed my “Favorite Things” Countdown!

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid promotion.


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