Go-To Pregnancy Hairstyles

This post isn’t just for busy pregnant mamas, it’s for anyone who is looking to save time in the morning.

I have picked 7 easy hairstyles that allow me to chase the toddler while looking like I had time to do my hair.  So if you’re looking for some easy ways to get the hair off your face besides the usual boring ponytail, look no further.


The Single Twist: For this look, just twist the side of your hair and pin under with a bobby pin.  Be sure to insert the bobby pin going up the twist to hold it in.  If you have thick hair, you may want to use two bobby pins.  This hairstyle works well for curly or straight hair.  I usually wear my hair down like this right after I wash it, because I don’t wash my hair everyday (oh my).


Twisted Ponytail: You’re looking at the easiest way to dress up a ponytail.  Section off both sides of your hair just behind the ear.  You’ll want to clip the hair in the back so that it doesn’t get in the way of your twisting.  Start with one side and take the top section and start twisting away from your face.  Grab a section below that, twist the same direction, and then twist it with the top section.  Continue this until the whole side is twisted and use a clip or bobby pin at the end to hold it in place while you work on the other side.  Once both sides are twisted, take the clips out of the back section and make a low ponytail.  Add each side twist to the ponytail and use a hairband to hold it all together.  I usually wear my hair like this on day 2 hair, and it works great.


Loop Updo: This is one of the most simple updos I’ve ever done.  It works best for hair that’s long enough to put in a loop, but doesn’t work so well for long hair (unless you backcomb to shorten the length).  Section your hair just as you did with the previous style.  Put the back section into a loop bun, pinning the hairs that stick out into the loop.  Then take one of the side sections and wrap around the loop.  Pin in place with a couple bobby pins.  Take the other side section and repeat.  Spray with some high quality hairspray and you’re good to go! (This is my day 3 hairdo by the way)


Casual Half-up Hair:  For this hairstyle, put your hair in a half ponytail.  Split the hair from above the pony to make a hole,  flip the ends of the ponytail, and fish it through the hole that you made.  Insert a clip or bobby pins just above the hairband, and then take out the hairband.  You may need to use some more bobby pins to keep everything in place.


Twisted Bun with Headband:  Slip a headband on.  Gather your hair into a low pony.  Instead of putting it in a pony, twist it around as if you were going to put it into a bun.  Don’t twist the hair around itself, but instead bring it to the top and use a hair band to wrap it up.  This style works the best for longer hair.  For added volume, backcomb before starting this style.


Braided Ponytail:  Braids are still in!  And this style is the most uncomplicated of all the braided styles.  You just take a small section of hair on the side towards the front and loosely braid it toward the back of your head.  This isn’t a French braid, just a regular everyday braid (thank goodness because I am not gifted in the art of braiding).  Use a bobby pin to keep the braid from falling apart while you gather the rest of your hair to make a ponytail.  Once you’ve got your hair up and ready, add the braid to the rest of the hair and tie with a hairband.  For bigger braids, you can backcomb each section of the braid and then loosen the braid to give it more volume.


Half Chignon:  This updo requires a lot of backcombing, at least for me.  I don’t have a lot of hair, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that by looking at this hairstyle.  First you’ll want to backcomb all of your hair so that you look like you stuck your finger in a light socket.  Smooth it out, and part your hair from your ears all the way to the back of your head.  That section should be pinned with bobby pins leaving as much volume as possible.  Take the bottom section of your hair and wrap it like you would a chignon by tucking it close to where the bobby pins are holding the top section up.  You’ll have to use more bobby pins to keep everything in place.  I usually insert the bobby pins vertically down towards the chignon.  If you have any fly-aways, you can use hairspray to tame them down.  This isn’t a style that I wear everyday, but I do occasionally go on dates with my husband which require something fancy.



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