Go-To Pregnancy Outfits

Chasing my 20 month old around leaves little time for getting ready.  There are days when she’ll cooperate (letting me take a shower, fixing my hair, and picking out an outfit), but then there are days when she needs my undivided attention ALL THE TIME.

On those days, I have to get ready quickly.  In an effort to pull that off I have picked out 7 outfits that I feel good and comfortable in:


wpid-picsart_1415301172123.jpg wpid-img_20141106_121406_wm.jpg




wpid-picsart_1415307381276.jpg wpid-img_20141106_121303_wm.jpg




wpid-picsart_1415308082995.jpg wpid-img_20141106_120950_wm.jpg


wpid-img_20141106_120908_wm.jpg wpid-picsart_1415307594499.jpg


wpid-picsart_1415301425234.jpg wpid-img_20141106_121148_wm.jpg


Oh, and those grey shoes…they are extremely comfortable!  I bought them at JCPenny this week after a long search for comfortable shoes that didn’t cost over $50 or look like “grandma shoes”.  In my last pregnancy I had a lot of issues with my feet at the end and even after birth.  So I understand the need for supportive footwear as opposed to the trendy shoes I see everywhere.  Do you know why these shoes are so comfy?  Because they are made with memory foam!  So if you want to walk on air, go to JCPenny* before they are gone.

Please stay tuned for Go-To Pregnancy Hairstyles!


*Disclaimer: This is not a paid promotion.


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