November Goals


In the hopes of getting something done besides the daily tasks that I face as a stay at home mom, I am setting monthly goals for myself.  There are so many things on my to-do list in preparation for this new baby.  I’m in my second trimester and almost halfway through this pregnancy, so the time is ticking.  I have a lot more energy and I want to channel that energy to get a lot of things accomplished.  So from now until April, I will be setting goals at the beginning of the month.  After that baby arrives I will go into survival mode, just taking one hour at a time.  My priorities right now are: continuing to read my bible and memorize scripture; keeping my house somewhat clean, spending quality time with my daughter while she’s still the only child; preparing E’s new room and decorating the nursery; going on dates with my husband; and finishing projects that have been sitting in my craft room for months.  When this month is over, I plan to review what I’ve accomplished as well as set new goals for December.  So, here’s to a productive November!

  • Memorize 4 scripture verses (1 per week)
  • Keep to a daily/weekly/monthly routine for chores
  • Come up with 4 art projects for the month of November to do with E, and try one of them per week
  • Take E to the Conservatory once this month
  • Take E to parks and hiking trails as often as the weather will let us
  • Spend a day clearing out the guest room to make way for E’s new room
  • After learning the gender, create 2 decorations for the nursery
  • Go on 2 dates with Isaac this month
  • Make a felt board and a felt Christmas tree for E
  • Purchase Christmas presents



I would love to hear from you!

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