World’s Best Homemade Hot Chocolate


Put your powdered hot chocolate away, we are talking about a serious cup of cocoa.

I came across a recipe for hot chocolate recently and added some of my own charm.  This recipe is great for two heaping cups of hot cocoa, but can easily be doubled to make enough for dinner guests to enjoy around the fire pit.

wpid-img_20141016_143542_wm.jpg wpid-img_20141016_182852_wm.jpg


*1.5 cups Whole Milk

*1.5 cups Half and Half

*1 cup Milk Chocolate chips


Pour the whole milk and half & half into a small saucepan.

wpid-img_20141016_183544_wm.jpg wpid-img_20141016_183814_wm.jpg wpid-img_20141016_184023_wm.jpg

Turn the burner on medium low and stir continuously (otherwise a film will appear on the top) until you start to see the sides of the pot bubble.  You don’t want to have a roiling boil because that will overcook the chocolate and create a big mess.


Add the chocolate chips to the simmering pot and stir until melted.

wpid-img_20141016_184451_wm.jpg wpid-img_20141016_184630_wm.jpg

This is what the melting process will look like.  At first, it will appear chunky.  After 5-10 minutes, the specks of chocolate will disappear and you’ll see your beautiful hot chocolate coming to life.

wpid-img_20141016_184749_wm.jpg wpid-img_20141016_184927_wm.jpg

 I am a sucker for vanilla.  I love it in pancakes, so I decided to throw a little splash of it into the pot.  If you are a vanilla snot, you can make your own vanilla extract (which is absolutely delicious but I have no time for it) and pour that in.

Stir your hot chocolate until it turns into a nice rich color that appears to be well blended.

wpid-img_20141016_185033_wm.jpg wpid-img_20141016_185213_wm.jpg wpid-img_20141016_185515_wm.jpg

Your hot chocolate is ready to be served with marshmallows of course!



Hot Chocolate for 2

* 1.5 cups whole milk

* 1.5 cups half & half

* 1 cup milk chocolate chips

Hot Chocolate for 6

* 3 cups whole milk

* 3 cups half & half

* 2 cups milk chocolate chips



5 Comments Add yours

  1. You have no idea my “problem” with Hot Chocolate! I am a total addict. This is so up my alley. Especially the part where you add the half and half. After my own heart! 🙂 I will definitely have to make this!

    1. Janell says:

      Hot chocolate is one of my favorite things to drink during fall and winter. Usually I settle for the powdered kind, but after making this I probably won’t ever be able to drink swiss miss again! Haha!
      Let me know how it turns out when you make it 🙂

      1. I am putting a round up together of Hot Chocolate recipes would you mind if I included your recipe with a link? I would be using a picture in a collage too.

      2. Janell says:

        Absolutely! That would be awesome 🙂

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