DIY Flower Arrangement




I’m no pro at arranging real flowers.  I never inherited the green thumb of my mother; instead I have a black thumb of death.  Every time someone gives me a plant it dies, a long painful death.  The problem is that I love flowers and plants.  There’s something about them that lifts me up inside especially during the 9+ months of winter here in Minnesota.

My solution?

Fake flowers.

They aren’t alive, therefore I cannot kill them.  It’s brilliant.

Now I’m not talking about those horribly tacky floral wreaths with roses that have fake beads of water in your grandma’s kitchen (and no offense to grandmas out there).  Michael’s, Joanne Fabrics, and Bachman’s all carry many fake flowers that look real.  I found a martini vase in my kitchen cabinet and decided that it needed to be used for my kitchen table. Then I looked up [Martini Flowers] on Pinterest.  I saw some pretty ugly ones, but gathered that my colors should be green, yellow, and white.  To keep it elegant, I went with roses and hydrangeas.  Those two flowers go very well together.  You want some diversity in your arrangements.  The roses are big and soft, and the hydrangeas have a lot of small simple flowers that help build space in your vase.  They give it fullness.  If you are using a glass vase or bowl, you’ll want something to hide those ugly fake stems unless you have a thing for fake stems.  I used river rocks that were collecting dust from a previous project.

Here are some other options for vase fillers:

DIY Floral Arrangement

Here are my materials:


  • Vase
  • Filler (river rocks)
  • Flowers (roses, hydrangeas)
  • Leaves
  • Wire cutter
  • Clear Scotch tape

Directions (Step-by-Step)

  1. Place rocks (or whatever you choose) in your bowl/vase.


  1. Start taping. Use clear tape and do some grid taping (the next photo will clarify)

wpid-img_20140426_150025_wm.jpg wpid-img_20140426_150138_wm.jpg

  1. Now you have sections, see? It’s a grid. The bigger the vase/bowl, the more tape there should be.


  1. Cut flowers with your wire cutter. I usually stick my flower in the vase/bowl and see how much I need to cut. So basically I eyeball it.

wpid-img_20140426_150313_wm.jpg wpid-img_20140426_150342_wm.jpg

  1. Start placing flowers in your vase/bowl. I start with my voluptuous ones first, but you choose whatever works best.


  1. Last are the leaves. This only applies to shallow blows or vases where the leaves aren’t connected. I stick them under and in between flowers.


Viola! Your beautiful flower arrangement is complete.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cyndi Klaers says:

    I will try it, my niece brought me back a bottle vase from Sweden and I did not know how to display it. Great idea! Thanks

  2. Janell says:

    Beautiful Janell! I love the flowers you chose.

  3. Leslie Oden says:

    Very pretty! Totally my kind of flowers (the kind you can’t kill). Thanks for the grid idea, that’s so helpful! Your blog looks great, good job!

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