Learning Colors

I am one of those crazy Elementary Ed. teachers who isn’t teaching at the moment because I wanted to stay home with my child.  The passion to teach is still there, and actually it is bursting from the seams.  Instead of teaching other people’s kids, I get to teach my own.  Pretty much the best job I’ve ever had.

Last year my daughter could barely hold anything, and could only roll to move around.  She was a baby.  A sweet little baby.

No more.  This last week she learned to run.  And I officially lost that baby and gained a toddler.

My little E is a busy girl.  She walks all over the house, stopping to read a book or puts my phone in the toilet (the usual stuff).  I get exhausted just watching her play.  Besides being busy, little E is a sponge.  She is picking up our mannerisms and now says over 50 words.  Noticing this got me thinking that I should purposefully teach her words, numbers, colors, and things of that nature.

We read her books everyday (since she was a week old) and I’m already seeing the benefits of that.  She holds the book upright and turns the pages the way we do.  Recently she started pointing to things when we read, and wants to know what they are.  There is one book in particular that she always pulls out, and it’s about colors.  I’ve always asked her where the green turtle is, and she usually just stares at the page until I point him out.  But the other day, she pointed to him.  Yeah.  So I decided to “teach” her about colors in a way that she could understand.  Here are 3 activities that I used to show her colors:

Sorting Colors


I laid a blanket in the middle of Little E’s room, and then put toys of that blanket’s color on top of the blanket.  To keep her from distractions, I put her other toys in the closet.  That really helped keep her focused on the toys on the blanket.  When she entered the room, she said, “Woah!”  Then E proceeded to pick up each item, and ask me what it was.  I told her, “Pink egg, pink ball, pink cup, pink bucket, pink bear, pink flamingo…etc.”

wpid-img_20140603_170049_wm.jpg wpid-img_20140603_170130_wm.jpg wpid-img_20140603_170215_wm.jpg wpid-img_20140603_170246_wm.jpg wpid-img_20140603_170508_wm.jpg wpid-img_20140603_170422_wm.jpg wpid-img_20140603_170340_wm.jpg

We did this with Pink, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple.  It was so easy and she got a kick out of it.  At the end of everything, she said “green” and “red”.  I’ll probably do this activity again because it was so easy to set up and she really enjoyed it.


Clothespin Color Matching


This activity is best suited under supervision with kids between 2-4 years of age.  I showed little E the colors and she enjoyed holding the color while I pinned the clothespin on it.  I’m planning on using the other paint sample cards to make a little book for her that I will blog about at a later time.  Here is the breakdown of how I created these color clothespins:

wpid-img_20140604_094723_wm.jpg wpid-img_20140604_094815_wm.jpg

I went to Fleet Farm and purchased the clothespins above and grabbed a handful of color samples from the painting center.

wpid-img_20140604_094912_wm.jpg wpid-img_20140604_094937_wm.jpg

The other materials you’ll need are: glue gun, and scissors or a cutting tool.

wpid-img_20140604_095003_wm.jpg wpid-img_20140604_095035_wm.jpg

I separated the colors from each other and cut them to a size that worked for the clothespins.

wpid-img_20140604_095054_wm.jpg wpid-img_20140604_095116_wm.jpg wpid-img_20140604_095144_wm.jpg wpid-img_20140604_095216_wm.jpg wpid-img_20140604_095255_wm.jpg wpid-img_20140604_103933_wm.jpg

Next, I glued one square to a clothespin.

wpid-img_20140604_103959_wm.jpg wpid-img_20140604_104033_wm.jpg

There you have it! It’s a wonderful way to help your child explore the world of color.


Finger painting with Yogurt DIY


This was something I did a few months ago.

Basically you mix yogurt with koolaid powder and let them paint.

What’s great about this is that you don’t have to worry about them eating the paint, because it is edible.  The other great thing about this specific finger paint is that the koolaid has wonderful aromas, so your child can use three of their senses (touch, see, and smell).  The only downside is that you can’t keep the painting because it will stink (of rancid yogurt).

Try it out! Pick up some different Kool-Aid packets and yogurt (Greek, flavored, plain, or whatever your heart desires), and try mixing them to whatever consistency works for you 🙂




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  1. Loved the post. I too have a one year old. I’ll certainly borrow your ideas while teaching her. 🙂

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