30 with 30 Challenge: Week 4

Outfits 22-28

This is the fourth week of my 30 with 30 Challenge.  If you are wondering what that is go to my first post and find out.  Basically I am trying to switch up my wardrobe.  I got the idea from The Small Things Blog, and I hope you’ll join me in this challenge!
This week was a little more challenging, but I’m almost there!  One more week to go!
Below are my 7 new outfits:


Belt- Target, Shirt- Target, Maxi- La Femme, Flats- Payless, Earrings- Charlotte Russe


Maxi-La Femme, Shirt- Old Navy, Belt- Target, Earrings- Kohl’s, Flats- Payless


Shirt- Target, Blazer- Kohl’s, Shorts- Target, Flats- Target, Necklace- Charlotte Russe


Cardigan- Target, Tank- Target, Skirt- La Femme, Necklace- Charlotte Russe,  Flats- Payless


Shorts- Target, Tank- Kohl’s, Chambray- Old Navy, Earrings- Kohl’s, Flats- Payless


Chambray- Old Navy, Shirt- Target, Shorts- Marshals, Earrings- Kohl’s, Flats- Target


Skirt- Kohl’s, Shirt- Old Navy, Chambray- Old Navy, Belt- Target, Earrings- Kohl’s, Flats- Target

Here are my outfits on Polyvore (The clothes in each set are not clothes that I used, but they look similar):

DAY 22

Day 22

DAY 23

DAY 24

DAY 25

Day 25

DAY 26

Day 26

  DAY 27

Day 27

  DAY 28

Day 28

Are you participating in the 30 with 30 challenge?

Link up with your post of your first couple outfits by posting in my comments section.
Tune in next week for my fifth and final round of outfits.

I would love to hear from you!

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